All your dreams comes true in your movie star planet

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moviestarplanet guide

Games are the most interesting one in which you all would forget your worries and enjoy the game. It would acts as a good friend for you when you feel lonely or stressed and there is no age limit for the person to play the games. Games will be a good motivator for you to do some kinds of the new things which you cannot able to do in your real world and you can able to get a good chance to do whatever things which you need to do. The moviestarplanet is a latest game and mostly all would have this game in their mobile phone and they would take a movie whenever they are free at their home or free from their office work.

  • It is used for motivating all the users who is playing their game in the online and it is designed in the user friendly manner so all would like to install and play this game.
  • You can able to create your own movie town where you can able to create your own characters which you like and make them to act in those plays.
  • You can able to act as a director by directing the whole story by your own.

You can earn more when you choose the correct film

you can able to direct your film by yourself without the help of the any make up man or any costumer because in your moviestarplanet you can able to design your own costume that is needed for the boy to wear and act in your game play. The more interesting fact is that you can able to select your own kinds of dress and hair set for the boy and girl who is going to act and you can also make their face to glow with the powder and lip style which suits for them.

When you start playing this game then you won’t like keeping your mobile down here you will have a chance to enjoy by doing various kinds of the decoration that is needed for them in the different range. When you begin to play your game then you want to give your own user name and the password and after giving the required information you have to retype your password and then you can able to join with them. When you decorate by using the different costume then you can able to earn star coins where you can able to use those things in your game for buying your own interesting things like jewels or the other dressing sets which ever you like to get. It takes lot of time for you to earn a start coin but when you use the msp hacks then you can able to get all the points within two minutes. So by using that you can able to win your game before your friends win so that it gives you a good name for you and all would appreciate you for your victory in your game.

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